New KTRE studio benefits community

We are excited to begin our studio makeover.

KTRE's old set was given to us six years ago from our sister station, and now we had the chance to donate it to a local charitable program today.

Crews were working Monday to take down the studio that has called KTRE home for years.

"The equipment was in pretty good shape," said Starla Bickerstaff, KTRE's station manager. "It's something that was handed down to us about six years ago and now we're able to hand it off to a charitable program that's going to be able to put it to good use."

At the same time, it will benefit many.

"It's for school districts, for local churches, for tax free organizations, for anything such as the women's shelter, the Salvation Army, the Goodwills, the Boys and Girls Club," Jerry Miller said.

Any other local entity that would like to broadcast a community piece will soon be able to do so for free.

"We've got a gentleman who's willing to donate a television station to this cause, and it's coming along rather well," Miller said. "It's all set in stone."

With the help of KTRE donating the set, the program will benefit more than just organizations.

"We want to donate a television station to Angelina College. That's something that we're working on," Miller said. "We're working on a deal with the Lufkin school district and Central, Huntington, and Hudson."

Miller said Angelina County currently does not have a program available for free that anyone can access. Starting with a new set is the first step to offering students the opportunity to learn how broadcasting works.

The next step will be finding a home for the studio "if we've got anybody out there that may be willing to donate a place; a warehouse, or something such as that where we can put this set in," Miller said.

While Miller is still looking for a place to house the studio, he's thankful to have the opportunity to utilize a TV set for Angelina County to use.

Our new HD studio was delivered this morning, and it's the first new set we've ever had. We'd like to keep you updated on the process with the old and new set on our Facebook page. We'll also keep you updated with more info at

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