Lufkin students try to determine if life can exist among the stars

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Middle School students are trying toanswer the age old question about life in the stars.

They are looking to see if there could belife on Titan, Europa or other far off planets.

"We really loved looking at the researchto find a planet that was most likely habitable like earth," said student AmanKhan.

"It'sjust kind of cool to think about there being life out there," said student ZoeMyer.

The experiment was part of Lufkin's magnetscience program where students tried to determine if life exist outside ouratmosphere.

"I'm giving them something that real astronomersout there are doing," said science teacher Zoie Lovejoy.

"We're just now beginning to learn aboutother worlds," said astronomer and SFA instructor, Dr. Ed Michaels. "What theyare doing here is something I couldn't do when I was their ages."

Making a project good enough to get an "A" isone thing, but making a project that is good enough for a scientist to look atit is a little scary.

"It was nerve rackingbecause you wanted to make sure everything was good and everything was correct,"said Meyer.

Dr. Michaels says the fearis unwarranted and that these students are ahead of most thinkers at their age.

"All the kids did areally neat job, but the thing the most is they had a lot of imagination, andimagination is very important in science," said Michaels.

Imagination that one dayturns into reality for these students.

One of the cool parts ofthis story was that the students were allowed to use their smart phones andtablets for research as part of the district's new bring your own deviceprogram.

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