Lufkin rolls the dice

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin head football coach Todd Quick says, "You onside kick, you score again. You got them on their heels, you have a chance to end it right then, you know you put it in the hands of the kids, you give it to the best player we got. We kept going downhill and we made the decision to go for two and win the football game. That's what the kids wanted to do and that's how they were playing at that time for the  last two minutes. it was an easy decision, go."

Coach Quick's decision to go for two and the win on Friday night against A&M Consolidated has stirred up all kinds of talk around town. You heard quick there and the fact is he had a gut feeling and a coach has to go with his instincts with a game on the line.

The Panthers and wide receiver Keke Coutee fell short and lost 42 to 41, falling to 1 and 4 on the year, and 0 and 1 in district. The phyche of the team hasn't changed even though they are in the midst of the longest losing streak since 1992 The biggest thing Lufkin showed was heart and determination, scoring two touchdowns in the final two minutes of the ball game.

Quarterback Trey Cumbie says, "That just shows how hard we fight and we are not going to give up until the clock says all zero's and it just shows how our team fights and we don't give up." Quick added, "You never quit playing, you never give up and you fight until the biter end and that's what they did and it worked out to where it gave them a chance to win it."

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