Crockett's Kalin's Center takes fight against child abuse on the road

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - It is challenging forCrockett's Kalin's Center to cover child abuse cases in two counties, spanningalmost 2,000 square miles.

Now, it might be a littleeasier.

Director Debbie McCall saysshe has worked hard to get Kalin's Center to where it is now.

"Our goal [is to]help law enforcement and prosecution to help take care of those bad guys,"Mccall said.

The center will now beable to cover the two county area a little better after receiving a grant topay for a new mobile forensic investigation kit.

The mobile forensicinvestigation equipment will allow the center to reach victims in the farreaches of Houston and Trinity County.

"I would say a goodhalf [of our victims], we have had to get here and that is not just for theinterview," McCall said. "It is also for court. It's state of the art. It'shigher technology then what we have right now."

The equipment will allowthe center and law enforcement to go to victims and keep privacy their numberone goal.

"Before we werepaying for their gas or paying for someone to bring them, or getting lawenforcement or cps to bring them to us, and now we can go to them," McCallsaid.

Over the last severalyears, the center's case load has grown, causing the need for a brand newbuilding and this new mobile equipment.

"We have really niceequipment here, but it's not digital, and this is all digital," McCall said.

McCall said that as thecases grow she and her staff are ready to bring justice thanks to this newtechnology and that the center will be able to loan it out to any other childadvocacy group that needs help, meaning that they are also able to help evenmore counties with this equipment.

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