Colmesneil off to hot start

COLMESNEIL, TX (KTRE) - After winning a total of five games last season, Colmesneil has matched that through just five games in 2013. The undefeated Bulldogs are getting it done by playing fundamental football. There is nothing fancy about Fancy Johnson's team, but its one everyone, including the Colmesneil faithful is excited about.

Running back Cody Walsh says, "Everyone is just showing more school spirit and wearing red to games and just showing up to games." Coach Johnson added, "Our kids come out every week and work hard and come to practice just like in two-a-days and our community is real excited about this team."

We may be in the age of the spread, but quality team still win the battle up front and get numerous hats to the ball on defense. Offensive lineman Chris Thedford says," The o-line is getting there and working everybody up front. I mean your running backs cant go anywhere without your o-line being there."Johnson added, They are flying to the ball and on offense we are winning the battle in the trenches, I'm real excited about this team."

Aside from winning at the line of scrimmage, the bulldogs have several playmakers on offense.they average over 51 points per game thanks to a potent balanced attack. Johnson says, " We have dual weapons. We can run the ball for lots of yards or we can hit them with the air attack. So we have a very balanced offense this year. Walsh added, "Teams, they cant just try to stop the run and they cant just try to stop the pass. They have to stop both of them and it makes it that much harder to defend.

When its defense time in practice, that's what you hear, two whistles. That method preaches all 11 to the football and is a big reason Colmesneil is giving up just 17 points per contest. Johnson says, "The first whistle, the offense stops, the defense then goes to the second whistle. We practice flying to the ball everyday and we work on it daily. Walsh finished by saying, "One man can make the tackle, but its easier if everyone is trying to get it.

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