Dinosaur George pays a visit to Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A very special gueststopped by the Kurth Memorial Library in Lufkin Wednesday for a hands onlearning experience.

George Balsing, or "DinosaurGeorge" as he likes to be called, brought along some pretty cool dinosaurfossils to help teach the kids about some of the pre historic animals thatlived here in East Texas.

The dinosaur expert travels around the statebringing his show of humor to schools and libraries in hopes of expandingeducation.

"I want to expose children to theknowledge that the world is a lot bigger than we think it is," said Balsing. "Ideally what I want to do is show themsomething that they were unaware of in the hopes that they run straight intothis library and check out books and want to learn more about some of thethings that used to call Texas home."

The library is bringing him back next summerfor a two day traveling museum exhibit.