East Texan who studies Bigfoot DNA says new video helps prove species existence

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Bigfoot. Is it real or is it a hoax? Well one East Texas woman has dedicated the past five years to studying DNA of the species.

Members of the "Sasquatch Genome Project" recently released new, higher quality, never before seen footage of Bigfoot.

It took the "Sasquatch Genome Project" more than five years and nearly half a million dollars to do it but this group of scientists believe they have proven the existence of Bigfoot.

"Neither evidence will stand alone under the scrutiny we're getting. Well mine would be it's not interesting to the viewers because it's DNA," said lead investigator, Dr. Melba Ketchum.

The group recently released new video they captured of the illusive creature.

Ketchum says she studied a DNA sample of this specimen you see right here in the video shot by team member Adrian Erikson.

"We tested among other things the red hair gene and when we sequenced the red haired gene in this individual…she's red and she had human sequence of that particular gene and it's has red hair," said Ketchum. "The physical attributes of the specimen in his video is exactly matches what we tested and nobody could've predicted that. In other words, her DNA matches her video which is so wonderful."

Ketchum says she has no doubt that what she is researching is some kind of human hybrid.

"They're more whatever they are with a little bit of human," said Ketchum. "I mean they're a type of person but they're not the same as you and I. They have something else crossed with them."

But you won't catch Ketchum calling them Bigfoot.

"They're humans. They're a type of human," said Ketchum. "You don't want to kill them. That's wrong. We want them protected. They don't need habitat. They live fine like they do."

And when asked why there weren't any remains or bodies to study...

"They are able to hide from us. That why there's not bodies. They live in the environment," said Ketchum. "They have the cunning of animals and the intelligence of humans and more."

Ketchum says she was once a skeptic but that all changed because she has seen Bigfoot with her own two eyes.

"They took me up to North Texas and I was able to actually see, I saw 5 that day. It just blew my mind," said Ketchum.

A KTRE reporter asked Ketchum if she was 100% certain she saw what she saw and this was her response, "Oh yeah. There's no doubt in my mind," said Ketchum.

Ketchum says she hopes the new video along with her research will result in some recognition from the scientific community.

Dr. Ketchum says there have been numerous Bigfoot sightings right here in East Texas.

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