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Battle of the bins: council votes to regulate donation boxes

It might be harder for you to ditch those old clothes in charity bins at grocery store parking lots. The city of Phoenix just approved new rules for donation bins, and charities are worried it could put them under.

"The fact that the city wants to get involved in this, I really just don't understand it," said Jim Kaiser with Charity Recycling Solutions. They collect clothing and part of their proceeds go to Boys and Girls Club of Scottsdale.

The Phoenix city council approved the ordinance Wednesday. Owners now have to get permission to place their bins, pay $135 the first year and $25 every year after that, and remove the bin if it gets vandalized.

"I think the city didn't stop and look at all of the things that are in place right now to control bins," Kaiser said.

He cited dumping and littering laws as examples. He also said the fee is unreasonable.

"When we place a bin, we don't know how productive it is," Kaiser said. "So if we have to remove it because it's not productive, then we're out $135."

"People were placing things on my project, and my property without my permission," said property owner Chuck Carlise. He said some of the bins are unkempt and become an eyesore.
"I hate those things, I think they're ugly," Carlise said. But he said it comes down to a property rights issue.

"I know once this passes, they're still going to do it," Carlise said. "And I'm still going to pick them up myself and move them."
Kaiser is worried with fewer bins, fewer people will donate. But like it or not, he has 90 days to get permits for all 240 of his bins.
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