Corrigan running game leading them to 4-0 start

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - When teams game plan for Corrigan, they know one thing. They must stop the run. Thus far however, no one has been able to as the Bulldogs are off to a 4 and 0 start, running their way over, around, and through opponents. A perfect start doesn't just happen, its earned. Running back Keegan Mitchell says, "We came out in the off season and worked real hard and came out here during two-a-days and worked real hard and got better and got in shape." Fullback Carlos Inguanzo added, "I didn't think we were going to be undefeated. I thought we would be alright, but I didn't think we were going to be this good. But I have faith in my team."

Happy yes, satisfied, no. With one last non district game this week against center, head coach Seven Armstrong wants his team to continue to improve. Armstrong says, "We better not be complacent with a 4 and 0 start. We have a lot of football left to play in this district and we have to make sure we are out here with a purpose."

Averaging over 41 points a game by mostly running the football shows you the Bulldogs have some power upfront. I give a lot of credit to the linemen because in our offense most of the time
they open up the holes and I just run where I'm suppose to run to." Carlos added, "We are doing a good job sticking to our blocks, reading them right, but we have to continue to do that." Armstrong ended by saying,"Whether it be lineman or receivers, we are doing a great job as a football team blocking for one another. And backs are running hard.

One back in particular is the backbone of this rushing attack in Mitchell. He has the ability to bust a long run at any moment and had over 200 yards last week.

Mitchell says, "They open me up a hole and I run through it and I just keep on running. Armstrong says, When you have a running back and can catch a seem and go the distance, obviously its great for your offense. Inguanzo finished by saying, "I just know for a fact every time we are on offense, we are going to score"

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