Lingerie looter strikes south Angelina Co. again, takes child's underwear

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The lingerie looter, a serial burglar with a fetish for women's underwear, has struck again.

This time, the suspect, who has been hitting homes in the south Angelina County area for about two years, broke into a home in the Bulah-Diboll area and allegedly stole a 5-year-old girl's underwear. The suspect also took the mother's underwear while in the home. The home's occupants reported the burglary Tuesday.

"We've had a few leads, and when word gets out we are definitely out there looking for him, then it will stop," Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said Thursday. "Then it will stop, and after a while it will start back."

The Angelina County is seeking the public's help in finding the suspect in these burglaries. With this latest incident, the total of homes burglarized by the lingerie looter is up to 15. According to authorities, the suspect is taking women's underwear and sometimes photos.

"This is a burglary, but the difference is we would consider it sexual in nature for the items that he's stealing, so we take it very seriously," Sanches said.

In a previous East Texas News story, Lt. Pete Maskunas of the Angelina County Sheriff's Office said the burglaries have been happening in a pretty defined area from U.S. Highway 59 to FM 819 and down FM 58 and FM 1818.

"These have been occurring for about 2 years now," Maskunas said. "We had a rash of 3 or 4 of them, then they would go for 6 months or so and we wouldn't have anything. Then we'd maybe have another 1 or 2."

Maskunas said back in about April the burglar struck a location he or she had hit about six months earlier. He said it was the same type of MO, and the same types of items were taken. The ACSO lieutenant said the suspect is likely someone who is in the area on a regular basis.

"It may be a person that has business in the area," Maskunas said. "Could be a person that does door-to-door sales or installation of television, there could be any number of persons that would be in an area that would have the opportunity to be there."

Maskunas says the profile of this person is probably male.

"The statistics would show that it's more likely than not a male but we don't want to narrow that down to any particular gender or stereotype because frequently we'll have a burglar or person that does this type of serial activity," said Maskunas.

Authorities say folks should be on the lookout for unfamiliar vehicles parked or stopped during the day, any suspicious activity, or persons loitering in the area more than expected.

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