Brookshire Bros pharmacist's promotion latest in career which began during teen years

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In 2001, a Lufkin woman's after school part-time job as a cashier formed into a successful career. Laura Edmundson said thanks to Brookshire Brothers she met her husband and became a pharmacist.

The pharmacist many know and love started her journey as a part time cashier. On weekends a Brookshire Brothers pharmacist would ask the then 16-year-old to run his register.

"He just started teaching me and I really enjoyed it. So, I decided that's what I wanted to do," Edmundson said.

While Edmundson formed an interest for medication, she sparked another interest for one of the employees at the Alto store.

"We was working at the same store. We started off as good friends," Edmundson said. "Low and behold we got married and have two children now. He loves working for Brookshire Brothers, too."

Edmundson's family and Brookshire Brothers supported her in school as she received certification to become a pharmacy tech.

"Later when I started pharmacy school I transferred to our store in Spring and continued to be a pharmacy technician there while I was in school, and then a pharmacy intern, and then finally a pharmacist," Edmundson said.

When she graduated in 2010 she moved back to East Texas and began her career as a pharmacist in Lufkin.

"They have a tuition assistance program that some people qualify for. So, getting the financial help and just having them stand behind you and being flexible with my college schedule was great. I wouldn't have traded that for anything," Edmundson said.

Edmundson's journey has paid off. This week, she accepted a promotion to become the district director for the Lufkin area.

"It's great because I know a lot of people here, and a lot of people here have known me since I was small," Edmundson said. "Being able to interact with them and help them in this way is giving back to the community that raised me for the most part."

Edmundson said she's excited to begin her new job next week and will continue to provide encouragement for pharmacy techs the same way she was inspired.

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