How East Texas can get this man on the Super Bowl

For any small business, having a national commercial is a big deal. So imagine you have the opportunity to advertise to millions of viewers during the Super Bowl. A Hudson man has that chance, and you can help! Caleb Beames has that story at 6.

In 2001, a Lufkin woman's after-school part-time job as a cashier formed into a successful career and life. Laura Edmundson says thanks to Brookshire Brothers, she met her husband and became a pharmacist. At 5, Maegan Prejean explains how the company paved the way for this East Texas woman.

A serial burglar with a fetish for women's underwear has struck again. But this time, authorities say the concern has escalated, with him now targeting children. Francesca Washington has more at 6.

And at 6, meet Barley, a three-year-old Dachshund who is happy and wants to love on your lap. It's BFF: Best Furry Friends.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor