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Kingsbury will see familiar face across the field Saturday


This Saturday, Coach Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders will be in Lawrence, Kansas to face Head Coach Charlie Weis and the Kansas Jayhawks.

Kingsbury knows Weis all too well from his time spent as a back up quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Weis was the offensive coordinator during the rise of Tom Brady, and much of his offensive genius rubbed off on Kingsbury during their time together.

Coach Kingsbury has the utmost respect for Weis and his long resume:

"The first thing that jumps out at you is his work ethic. He would spend the night up at the office and was up there at all hours. He was obviously a great quarterback mentor with having worked with Tom Brady. He always had great game plans. I think he's one of the best game planners I've ever been around on a week to week basis. I learned a lot of x's and o's and it was a really positive experience up there."

Weis didn't do anything special in Lubbock the last time these two teams played. He just lined it up and rushed the ball 57 times for 390 yards against Tech's defense. Weis' team is guaranteed to be harder to defend in Lawrence and the Red Raiders have worked all week to slow down another prevalent Jayhawk rushing attack.

Defensive Coordinator Matt Wallerstedt knows the issues an offensive mind like Weis can present:

"Coach Weis does a great job with his schemes to put those guys in good situations and he'll give you a lot of different formations. It's not the traditional eleven personnel pictures. You can get a mixture of a lot of things so if you pop a gap, your 're not playing sound or you're not playing physical, you can get exposed."

The Red Raiders headed to KU undefeated in 2011 and fell down 20-0 before rebounding for a 45-34 win.

This year's young offense can't afford a sluggish start on the road. A week off to prepare for the Jayhawks has hopefully gotten the legs back under the team for a tough conference road test.

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