Angelina Co. woman concerned over 'petnapping'

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Sisters Dolly and Reba, two black and white pure breed Chihuahuas are let outside every morning like clockwork. But two weeks ago the pair disappeared.

"There's several in this neighborhood that have been missing," said Lisa Risner. "Dogs. Cats. Just any kind. There's a parrot missing."

Risner lives in Hudson and does not have a fenced-in yard but she knows her 7-year-old continental kennel club registered dogs wouldn't have left the yard.

"I miss them and I just think that they've been stolen," Risner said. "There's too many around here that's gone missing and they're picking up not mutts but breeds."

Risner says this isn't the first time her pets have been taken. She says a Boston terrier was stolen from her yard in 2006.

"I don't feel that anything is being done," Risner said.

And Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches says he is not aware of any "petnappings" in the area.

Lufkin resident Autrey Smith says she recently got her teacup Chihuahua, Da Vinci, micro-chipped because she was afraid he would be stolen.

"Trying to take him out of the yard," Smith said. "Especially these kids running around here. He go out to use the bathroom and they'll come through and try and look to see is anybody looking and if they see nobody is really paying attention they'll snoop him up and try and take him off."

Risner says Dolly and Reba's mom, Coco, who is 13 years old, is depressed and their family just isn't the same.

"No questions asked," Risner said. "If you have my dogs, please bring them home. Just drop them off they'll come home."

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