New television show costumes are East Texas favorites this Halloween

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's 24 days until thescariest day of the year and for those who love Halloween, it's never too earlyto go shopping.

"Halloween is a majorholiday for us, so I always plan ahead to make sure the boys costumes arealways just perfect," Sandi Morris said.

Last year, politicians tookcenter stage but this year television shows are the popular.

"We have Disneyprincesses, "Monster High", the superheroes, ninjas, "Power Rangers"," SpiritHalloween Assistant Manager Shae Burton said. "We have a lot of "Son's of Anarchy"apparel that is real popular."

Halloween has always beenpopular with the kids, but as kids grow up to adults, adult costumes arebecoming more popular. If it's your favorite zombie character from the walkingdead or Uncle Si, there is something for everyone. Spirit employees say youneed to come now before they all sell out."

"We are alreadyalmost out of duck dynasty," Burton said. "We have one or two things left. I'msure we will sale out the closer we get to Halloween."

Another costume getting alot of attention is the Twerking Teddy, that looks a lot like Mliey Cyrus atthis year's MTV Video Music Awards. If you want it you will have to have itshipped.

"We don't have the MileyCyrus in the store," Burton said. "In fact we got the poster but we didn't evenput it up because there is so much controversy about it."

If you are into the scary,or the funny, there is something for everyone this Oct. 31.

Burton says that anotherway to get ahead of the game for next is to plan early and that most storesoffer a deal on costumes the day after Halloween.

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