VIDEO: Coffee customers get 'Carrie'd' away

By Syrenthia Harris

(RNN) - A viral YouTube video for the soon-to-be released movie Carrie showed how some coffee shop customers reacted after a hidden camera experiment.

A hired actor accidentally bumped into an actress. Coffee spilled on her belongings, and she went ballistic.

From the other customers' viewpoints, it looked as if the woman was possessed with some form of telekinetic power that allowed her to lift the man against the wall without touching him. Tables, chairs and books scattered from the sound of her uncontrollable scream.

Customers eventually made their way to the door.

In reality, a fake wall was put up that allowed the man to be lifted up. The tables and chairs were controlled by a remote control, and the pictures and books were spring-loaded.

The video, published on Oct. 7, has more than 3 million views.

This isn't the first strange movie promotion released.

According to Business Insider, some New Yorkers were fooled when they saw what they believed to be flying people over the city's landmarks. What they really saw were people-shaped aircrafts promoting the movie Chronicle.

In 2006, people received phone calls from actor Samuel L. Jackson - who knew details about the people he called - telling them to go see the movie Snakes on a Plane.

Carrie is set to hit theaters Oct. 18.

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