Two Center High School students heading to floral design championships

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Two East Texas high school students are taking their shears on the road to The State Fair of Texas for the first ever Junior Floral Cup Design Championships.

Only five Texas high school students arranged their way into the Texas State Florists' Association Junior Floral Cup Design Championships and of the five, two are from Center High School.

Adela Reyes and Tarsheanna Bauer say they used their natural talent to out-design the competition during the preliminary competition held in their hometowns.

Both Reyes and Bauer have their Level 1 High School Floral Design Certification

"I ended up getting first place and Adela ends up getting second place and we're all just happy and everybody's congratulating us and everything," said Bauer.

"I never thought I'd get this far because I was just messing around at first," said Reyes.

But she did and what she's learned so far is shaping her future…

"I want to go to A&M and learn more over there and hopefully open up my own flower shop." said Reyes.

Bauer says she couldn't wait to get into the floral design class. She even petitioned floral design instructor, Shana Britain, her freshman year to try and get into the course.

"I heard about floral design and I was like what, there's a class dedicated to flowers," said Bauer.

And her hands on experience has paid off.

"A lot of people say that I should start my own shop now," said Bauer. "I was showing my Dad an arrangement I made for Thanksgiving and this woman was walking past and she said awww that's pretty how much do you want for it? And she said who do you work for? Bauer said: Center High School, I'm not a professional yet."

"I have joy making it and it makes me feel better seeing the persons reactions," said Bauer.

Both say there's a lot more to floral design than people think.

"You have to start off thinking about how tall you're going to make it, how wide, what different techniques because there's a bunch of different kinds of ways you can do it like the stair step method which I like to do which you basically just have the flowers going up like a stair step," said Bauer.

"You have to get colors that go with it and then you have the texture of them," said Reyes.

For the competition the competitors have to make a wedding bouquet, work under pressure with a "surprise situation" and make an arrangement in line with the theme Texas is the one and only," said Reyes. They will not know what flowers they are working with until they get there.

The Junior Floral Cup Design champion will receive a $300 Texas Floral Endowment Scholarship and trophy. Second will receive $150 scholarship and third place will also receive a scholarship of $75 to continue their horticulture education.

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