Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 10/10/13

Bryan's Smokehouse: 23 demerits for must hold cold hold below 45 degrees, must hold hot hold above 135 degrees, endcaps needed on lights, clean under equipment, paint bare wood, remove floor covering from shelves, hand sink must be accessible, proof of extermination required, food grade containers required.

El Taurino, 3900 US Hwy 69N: 21 demerits for clean under equipment, clean air vents and venthood filters, remove torn chair in prep area, repair base boards, all food must come from an approved source, repair ceiling and hole in wall, remount handsink, label and date all food, clean walls in bar, do not store shrimp in standing water, clean fan covers in walk-in cooler, clean under sink in back, must have paper towels at handsink, need self closer on back door, ice bin in bar must be hooked to drain, repair leak at handsink and freezer, replace lids on grease traps, clean ice dispenser and drink nozzles, clean dicer, clean drains at drink station.

Downtown Cafe, 113 N. First St.: 17 demerits for must hold cold hold below 45 degrees, must hold hot hold above 135 degrees, clean under equipment, clean venthood filters, clean inside keg cooler, manual warewashing needs to be between 500 and 100 ppm.

Hunan Chinese Restaurant, 1108 N. Timberland: 15 demerits for must hold cold hold below 45 degrees, clean under prep table, recover table, mechanical warewashing must be between 50 and 100 ppm, clean inside ice machine, clean inside microwave, store ice scoop properly.

Chen's China Inn, 302 S. Timberland Drive: 14 demerits for hot hold, remove household equipment, back door must be insect/rodent-proof, remove fly strips, all scoops must have handles, re-cover shelves by fountain drink area.

Pete's Place, 299 Old Hwy 69: 14 demerits for personal items must be stored properly, all drinks must have lids, all food must be labeled/dated and covered/protected, repair walls and baseboards in back storage area, repair floor under ice machine, keep opening closed by fish corner until mesh is repaired, repair leak under ice machine and in men's restroom under sink.

Taqueria Ruiz, 707 N. Raguet: Eight demerits for no children allowed in kitchen, paper towels needed in restroom handsink, floor baseboards and self-closer on bathroom door must be completed/repaired by 9/28/13.

Luckett's Hole In One, 4306 S. First St.: Four demerits for clean under equipment in kitchen, clean floors in dry storage, re-do floors under bar eventually, re-paint shelves high gloss in cabinets in bar.

Dickey's BBQ, 4001 S. Medford Ste. 300: Four demerits for clean under equipment in front prep area, clean under shelves in walk-in cooler.

Steven's Catering, 1901 FM 842: No demerits.

Pizza Hut Delivery, 4505 S. Medford Drive: No demerits.

Adam's Crawfish Shack, 711 Southwood Drive: No demerits.

The Cajun Oaks, 215 Gibson, Huntington: No demerits.