Huntington teacher using computers in classroom for 29 years

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Huntington teacher hasbeen using computers to teach spelling in the kindergarten computer lab for thelast 29 years.

Over that time, thetechnology has changed, but the outcome has not.

Work in the Huntington Kindergarten computerlab starts with learning cat, boo, zoo, bed and go.

All of those words are common place foradults, but for kindergarten children they are new.

"Once they start writing their words,but more so start reading their words, it is just wonderful," said teacherTerri Denman. "It just escalates from there."

Denman said that she could have retired earlier but this jobis something she enjoys.

"This is my job, but I truly enjoy it,"Denman said. "I enjoy these little people and that where my talent is."

For almost three decadesTerri Denman has taught the students the writing to read computer program.

Workstations have changedfrom five inch floppy disk and heavier keyboards to high speed computers withsounds.

"They're used tolaptops now," said Denman. "They are used to Ipad's. The children are veryfamiliar with this. They know how to work the parent's cell phones; they knowhow to work the Ipad more than I do."

The program teachesstudents with sounds rather than letters.

Denman is now working withsecond generation students and will even have her grandchild next year. Andevery year brings new excitement.

"It's a differentchild," said Denman. "It is a whole new set when you learn with a new child,that hasn't walked in this path before, so when you see this child learning itis wonderful," Denman said.

At the end of the schoolyear, the principal at Huntington Elementary will climb up on the roof if atleast one student learns up to 1,000 words. Last year, a kindergartenstudent learned over 2,300 words.

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