Angelina Co. residents display banners in support of truckers en route to D.C.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A group of Angelina County patriots, including several veterans, gathered on the Tulane Drive overpass to display banners in support of the truckers that are headed to Washington, D.C. this weekend to protest the government shutdown.

"The U.S. needs to have people on the ground waving flags and standing against the socialist agenda that's in Washington, D.C. right now," said Angelina County resident Jerry Young.

The group displayed large American flags and banners saying things like "God bless America," "Thank U truckers," and "Honk if you love freedom." Many passing motorists and truckers honked to show their support for the people on the overpass.

People with the small group said that they will be on the Tulane overpass for the next few days. They said it's not about being a Democrat or a Republican; it's about their constitutional rights. The group also said they disagree with Obamacare.

Jeaneane Simmons said that she's against Obamacare, and she is hopeful the truckers headed to D.C. to protest actions by Congress will have a voice for all Americans.

"Nobody knows what it's about," Simmons said. Everybody is losing their health insurance. It's a terrible, terrible thing. We are fed up, and we have constitutional rights that the president and all the government have gone against."

There are many things that concern Zavalla resident Pamela Jones, who has waved her flag three different times this year in the very same spot.

"I'm scared of what's going on with our government," Jones said. "I think the Constitution is being lost."

Young saw his fellow patriots as he was driving around Friday, and decided to join the cause. He explained that his father, son, and grandson have all served in the military and fought for their country's freedom.

"We don't need to sit at home and do nothing about it," Simmons said. "Get out and do something; stand up."

According to a CNN story, truckers who promised to protest actions by the White House and Congress had already started to stall traffic Friday morning on the Capital Beltway.

Tractor-trailers in all four lanes of the inner loop in Virginia slowed down to 15 miles per hour, according to the "Washington Post." Police did not write tickets, instead issuing warnings to the drivers.

Police officials in Maryland and Virginia reported there were no major incidents related to 30 trucks protesting on busy roadways in the rain.

Protestors were expected to travel to the nation's capital en masse this weekend to support a group called "Truckers Ride for the Constitution."

"We the people have been sitting on our hands way too long and letting things happen to us from DC," wrote Candy Sanders-Haueter. "It's about time some 'sit up and take notice' action was taken. God bless our truckers."

The event is set to last until Sunday evening.

Group members say they're angry about a number of things, including low wages, high fuel prices, rising U.S. debt, the government shutdown and politicians who "decided to furlough American workers for their personal and political gain."

"The average American feels hopeless, they feel they cannot make a change; we want to empower them that they can make a change," organizer Zeeda Andrews said Wednesday.

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