Shutdown hits home

As we enter the third week of the government shutdown, some East Texans are starting to feel the pinch. At 6, we visit with a Vietnam veteran and his wife, who say he needs a life-saving heart surgery and he depends on his VA pension. Both may be in jeopardy. Leigha Hughes brings you the story at 6.

Drug arrests have been well-documented in Trinity County, but now authorities have help in the form of fur. K9 Mundra has joined the force and as Michelle Reed shows you at 6, he is at the top of the game, with 14 arrests under his collar in just over a month.

It was in July when the popular eatery, Ray's West, suffered heavy fire damage. While customers have been eagerly waiting for it to re-open, we've learned today that it is closed for good. Caleb Beames explains why at 6.

This week, East Texas Republican women will be in San Antonio for the Texas Federation of Republican Women's State Convention. Democrats will hold their own rally in February. Both events illustrate the power of women in politics. At 5, Donna McCollum explains how the interest builds at the local level.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor