Retired Lufkin Librarian still educating students

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - All October, Lufkinstudents have taken short trips to the Kurth Memorial Library. The trips areboth educational and fun.

The trips are put on by formerLufkin Middle School librarian Ellen Miller. The trip lets students sharpentheir research skills.

Miller hopes this shorttrip to the city's library will help these students as they advance in theirfuture.

"They just have a widevariety of opportunities here," Miller said

Miller has over 40 years in the educationalsystem and for the last 8 years she has led the 6th grade scavenger hunt at thelibrary.

"At Lufkin Middle School,we have a good library as well, but here there are more opportunities forresearch than we have at our campus," Miller said.

"It's a passion tokeep helping kids," Miller said. "Even though I've retired, I volunteer atseveral schools because I like to continue to be around young people and seethem branch out and learn new things."

The students search thelibrary high and low, looking for answers as they learn how the library is morethan just finding books to read.

"I like workingtogether and finding stuff out we need for the scavenger hunt," student AdrianaGarcia said.

"It's importantbecause my parents and I can now find stuff," student Ivette Bahena said.

For the last two years, Miller has volunteeredher time doing the hunt, hoping the program never stops.

"I'll do it as longas Lufkin lets me do it," Miller said. It would be a shame for people now toknow what the library is like and what they have to offer."

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