Lufkin's Christian radio station hosting its annual Shareathon to raise operating funds

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For the next three days, A Lufkin radio station will need the public's help in order to remain on the air for the rest of the year.

KSWP is hosting their annual Fall Share-athon until Friday. The station is a non-profit organization so they rely on the money donated. The station has a goal of $95,000, and the money will go to more than just the salary of the employees.

"Hopefully, it will help us get to phase two of our generator project," said Michelle Ross, KSWP's program director. "Right now we have generators here at the station, but as long as we keep the donations coming in and hopefully we can get to the second part where we have a generator at the transmitter site as well."

The easiest way to give to Share-athon is to either call the station, or you can give electronically at the station's Website.

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