E. Texas moms weigh-in on fit mom photo

Source: MariaKang.com
Source: MariaKang.com

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In this picture fitness competitor Maria Kangasks "What's your excuse?" showcasing washboard abs while posing with her threesons.

"Mythought was she either has a really great nanny or a very supportive husband tobe able to have time with three small kids to look like that," said LisaWillmon, Mom.

Thepicture has gone viral and while many comments on the photo applaud her effortsmany accuse her of fat shaming women.

Motherof two and crossfit coach Keisha Pharris says when health and fitness arepriorities there is no room for excuses.

"Shedoesn't let her kids be an excuse as a reason to not be fit in fact your reasonshould be to inspire your kids to be fit you set an example," saidPharris.

Mother of three Lisa Willmon say the photo isa reminder for moms to take some time for themselves.

"Whenyou're a mom especially a mom with small kids you put everybody before yourselfand so you health suffers and your self esteem suffers," said Willmon.

Manycritics have labeled Kang a bully but some local mom's believe she's aninspiration.

"Howwould you look at it if she was obese and her kids were obese what would peoplesay," said Rosi Schroeder.

Thesemoms say their passion for health and fitness go hand in hand with taking careof their families.

"Mykids are here with me when I workout I like for them to see me working out andeating healthy," said Pharris.

Andno matter your fitness level these moms say its all about perspective.

"It'sin your attitude, I don't think that by looking at a picture can tell you howpeople live," said Melissa Mijaras Mom.

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