Douglass Corner Store & Cafe rises from the ashes and re-opens

DOUGLASS, TX (KTRE) - Four months ago a Nacogdoches County community watched as a local landmark with more than 100 years of history burned to the ground.

The Douglass Corner Store & Café has risen from the ashes and re-opened their doors.

"We've come a long way since June 8th,"said Bill Cummings, owner of Douglass Corner Store & Café

"We just keep going and that's all we know how to do," said Jan Boyer, manager of the cafe

The Douglass Corner Store & Café was more than just a restaurant for the Douglass community.

It was a local landmark, community hub and place where farmers and ranchers came to solve all their problems so when it burned down the community mourned the loss and rallied for the re-build.

KTRE asked Cummings why he just didn't cut his losses four months ago. "We did think about that. Believe me we did think about it," said Cummings. "We had so much encouragement from the community, please build it back."

And so after four months of hard work and community support, the Douglass Café opened its brand new doors.

"We're back in business," said Cummings. "Well it's been touch but we've worked our way through it."

"It was most important to our hearts to get our customers back in there. They were missing this place so much and all through the building process they were constantly coming to check on us, to help us, to see the progress," said Boyer.

The kitchen is cooking up southern favorites and of course the self-proclaimed best hamburgers in East Texas.

And now that the café is back open for business that of course means that the famous Friday night fish fry's are back on starting this Friday, October 18, 2013.

"The first fish fry will be Friday night from 5-9 and we've been looking for a real big turnout for this," said Cummings.

Management says they still have some work left to do including setting up the store section of the corner store and café.

But the whole process is still bitter-sweet because of all the memories the old building held for so many.

"It's still shocking to see what it is now compared to what it was and it means a lot to us and we really like it but it still breaks our heart a little bit thinking about what it was but we wouldn't trade this to the world," said Boyer.

Staff at Douglass Corner Store & Café say they are so happy to have all their dear friends back and excited about all the new ones they're meeting as well.

The Douglass Corner Store & Café is located at: 15419 W State Highway 21  Douglass, TX 75943.

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