Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital shares 'Wow' moments of employees going above and beyond

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital wants to "wow" its customers and the rest of the world with inspiring stories. The monthly "Wow" moment, which is posted on the hospital's Facebook page, highlights a staff member who has gone the extra mile through their job.

East Texas News talked to a few of the humble recipients today.

Do you really know what goes on inside the walls of a hospital? There are a lot of "wow" moments according to the staff at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

Physical therapist Anjou Bice is a Wow recipient. She explained it this way.

"People have lost the love of each other and the need to do something beyond 'what am I gonna get out of it,'" Bice said. "And so when you someone that actually does that they go, 'Wow, you went above and beyond,' and it's like, "No, that's what we do to extend our hand."

Bice helped by providing free of charge, on her own time, physical therapy for a man who couldn't afford the care.

Another Wow recipient, Anthony Scott, was caught in action at the intensive care unit. He sees lives saved. He sees lives end.

"I don't think anybody should die alone. Someone should be with them," Scott, an ICI nurse, said. "I wanted to try and see if I could find anybody, friends, family, somebody to be with him."

Scott went to the man's neighborhood, going door to door, until he found someone for the dying man. The discovery may have actually extended the man's life a little bit longer.

This month's wow recipient is Amy brewer. The ICU nurse saw that a psychiatric patient received long term mental treatment. She even gave her clothes, knowing all she had was a hospital gown. Brewer needs no thanks.

She needed the help, whether she realized it or not, she needed somebody to help her and that's what we're here for, that's what we do," Brewer said.

The wow stories are the kind of stories that people like to read and view. Sometimes the reaction is so grand that it surprises the person who writes them."

"We actually had one that went viral a year after the fact; 373,000 liked it on our Facebook page, and 30,000 people shared it," said Kim Barton, the hospital's director of community relations.

The story was of a woman too sick to attend her husband's funeral. Charlotte Montes used her day off to stay by the woman's side so she could say goodbye to her husband of 56 years. Another wow moment.

You can read all the Wow stories written over the last couple of years at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital's Website or on its Facebook page.

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