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Mother to son's murderer: 'I wake up hoping I wasn't still in this world'

Adam Palacios and his wife (Source: Family) Adam Palacios and his wife (Source: Family)
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A 70-year-old East Texas man was sentenced to life in prison Friday morning for the 2012 murder of 34-year-old Adam Palacios. Life in prison was the maximum sentence Miller could have received for the crime.

Anthony Miller waived his right to have the case presented to a grand jury for indictment and pleaded guilty to murder just before 10 a.m. He also waived his right to a jury trial and the rights that come with a trial.

The victim's mother, Diana Palacios told the court that when Adam was killed, "the world stood still for us. It was like we couldn't breathe." Diana reminded Miller that Adam will never get to see his sons play football, be class president or walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

"Sometimes I wake up hoping I wasn't still in this world so I could be with him," Adam's mother said.

She told Miller, "You have hurt us so much and there's nothing that can take the pain away. We don't get joy out of peoples' pain. Not even yours. All we wanted was Adam."

Adam's wife, Melinda, told Miller that all she wants to know is why he took Adam's life.

"You knew me. You knew my children. You called Adam 'buddy.' Why did you do that?" she asked. Melinda told Miller that it was hard to explain to her children why the man her children thought was their father's friend took his life.

"There's one thing Adam and I always trusted in and that's God. Just as God has forgiven me for whatever I've done, I have to forgive you. I don't wish anything bad on you. I know my husband is in heaven and that's just where I'm trying to get to," said Melinda.

As Melinda was walking away, Miller told the judge there was something he'd like to say to her. Judge Christi Kennedy told Miller that the courtroom was not the time or place.

After the hearing, Judge Kennedy granted permission for Palacios' mother, sister and wife to go into a private room with Miller, Miller's attorney and the Smith County District Attorney to speak in private.

Miller had an extensive criminal history and won't be eligible for parole until he is 100 years old.

"He knows that he's going to die in the penitentiary. In talking to him yesterday while trying to find out as much detail as we could, you did learn a lot about his past. He does have convictions in Dallas county for theft and for delivery of a controlled substance. According to him, and I think there was memorabilia collected that supports this, he was a member of the Hells Angels in California back in the late 60s," explained Bingham, who referred to Miller has a hardened career criminal.

The 70-year-old was arrested June 3 after new information was gathered regarding Palacios' death, which occurred on County Road 35 in Tyler. Family members reported Palacios missing in September 2012. A few weeks later, Miller called authorities and led them to the man's body.
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