Bargain hunters will be searching for diamonds in the rough at Lufkin's Antique Weekend

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Friday marked the first day for the annual Lufkin Antique Weekend.All weekend long, antique shops will become a hunting ground for many shopperslooking to find the ultimate hidden treasure.

East Texas News asked some of the shoppers why they do it

"It's different every time and you never know what to expect," Laura Mooresaid. There is something new every time."

"If they are like me, theylike just to browse and try to find a good bargain," Dianne Gibson said.

"They expect to find a surprise and that's what they love," saidJoann Roqemore, the owner Wishing Well Antiques.

It's not for everyone, but for those who love "antiquing" thereisn't anything better.

"So often people are walking in and saying, 'Oh my grandmother hadone of these,'" said Laura Koch, the owner Heritage Antiques they just reallyget a kick out of connecting with the past."

"Antiques are the originalform of recycling," Roqemore said. "A grandfather or father made a table andpassed it down to his son and his son and his son."

Antiquing might be new to some, but the trend has been growingthanks to new exposure.

"There's a lot of stations on TV that redo and re-purpose, andeveryone figures they can do that too, and they make something out of nothingand it turns out neat," Deborah Clark. "You got one of a kind."

These women search high and low searching through everything froma vintage camera to an old football helmet to even a boat. There is alwayssomething interesting to find.

"Cups and saucers; old, old vintage stuff, that maybe ourgrandmother or grandfather used a long time ago," Gibson said.

"We're tickled," Clark said. "We got a hand woven Navajo rug for areally good deal."

I found this fabulous green lantern for $45 and a great servingtray for $10," Tiffany Branter said.

Saturday, these shoppers will be coming out looking for morediamonds in the rough. The Antique Weekend will be going on all day Saturday indowntown Lufkin. There will be live music and various food vendors as well asan antique flea market.

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