Lufkin ISD's Herty Primary dealing with water outage

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Faculty members and staff at Lufkin ISD's Herty Primary campus dealt with a water outage Monday because of a water main break that occurred on Sunday.

"Maintenance crews are diligently working to fix the problem, and the district is supplying water to students and staff for drinking and for toilet use," a press release stated.

Hearty Principal Kathy Jost was at school working on Sunday when a teacher showed her where a 40 plus year old pipeline had broken under the sidewalk.

Crews were called out immediately to find the root of the problem in hopes of fixing it.

"About 8:45 last night we were hoping that they'd be able to fix it and be able to have water this morning," Jost said.

By the time kids were on the way to school Monday morning there was still no running water.

"So, maintenance jumped in and we have a water tank that they've brought in," Jost said.

Student nutrition services also jumped in to help. Karen Hutto received a call Sunday and was able to gather 25 cases of water from the warehouse and prepare breakfast and lunch that would still meet the guidelines required by the government.

"It makes it easier and still kind of panicky," Hutto said. "You still kind of have to think on the run, figure out what you're going to do and make sure that you have enough. We try to always have something for an emergency."

"As a parent, I would be happy to know that," Jost said. "We did send a system alert out as soon as we realized the water would be fixed before noon."

Some parents told East Texas News they were pleased with how the school was able to stay open and make alternate preparations for the 400 plus kids who may get thirsty or may need to use the bathroom.

"We don't have a flushing system but all of maintenance is here and we're able to flush with the water from the tank," Jost said.

Crews worked all day Monday to replace the pipeline that was built with the school in 1971. Just after lunch time Monday they were ready to turn the water on in one of the buildings. By the end of the day the pipeline was fixed. The school will have running water on Tuesday.

Germex was available in every classroom and restroom on campus. Lunchables were served to students at lunch to eliminate the need to wash any dishes.

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