A historic find

You just never know what can be discovered at an estate sale. For the city of San Augustine, one special find is creating a lot of excitement, just in time for the city's 180th birthday celebration on Saturday. At 6, Donna McCollum explains how there's no question from this San Augustine native as to when her hometown was established. She's got a special signature to show for it!

A couple from Houston has only been in Lufkin for a month and they find themselves behind bars following an investigation into the brutal injuries of a three-year-old girl. We'll explain how an anonymous tip may have saved this girl's life. Michelle Reed has that report at 6.

A Nacogdoches woman was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. That was six years after she was diagnosed with Lupus. Patty Heflin is a member of the American Cancer Society and now makes pillows for women who have mastectomies. Maegan Prejean shares this story in this week's installment of "Survivors" at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor