Butterscotch is as sweet as the candy she's named after

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - She's as sweet as the candy she's named after.

Tonight's Best Furry Friends story is about Butterscotch.

"This is Butterscotch. She's been here since March and she's already spayed," said Steven Bryant, an animal control officer for the City of Nacogdoches. "Just as sweet as can be."

She's a 3-year-old tortoise shell calico cat and has spent much of this year at the Nacogdoches animal shelter.

"She came in with several other cats. We found homes for all of them, and her sister got adopted yesterday, and so we really want to get her a home," Bryant said. "She's one of our long-time residents and we'd love to find a home for her."

Butterscotch would really like a home to call her own, and she'll love on you all the time.

"Well she's real sweet. Pretty laid back," Bryant said. "I don't know how playful she'll be might be when she's out in her own little area with her toys."

Butterscotch is super sweet and incredibly soft. She loves to be held, and she loves attention. Whenever Butterscotch is in someone's arms, she just purrs away.

Butterscotch is super sweet and so incredibly soft and as you can see she just loves to be held and loves attention. She's just so comfortable in my arms right now and she's just purring away.

She is a beautiful cat, and for the right family there will be no adoption fee.

For more information about how to adopt butterscotch, call the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter at (936) 560-5011.

There are quite a few furry friends who are still looking for homes, and many are puppies. The patriotic Boston terrier-pug-Chihuahua-heeler mix puppies and the six Schnauzer-cocker spaniel puppies are at Winnie Berry Humane Society. They're super cute.

Barley, the dachshund mix with heartworms, is still at the Nacogdoches Shelter. However, don't be scared by the heartworms, the shelter will pay for half of his treatment and he will have a great life with a loving family.

Every Thursday we will highlight a new adoptable animal hoping for a home right here on KTRE.

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