Nearly all of Deep East Texas is drought-free

Only a small sliver of Sabine county has drought conditions in place in East Texas.
Only a small sliver of Sabine county has drought conditions in place in East Texas.

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - After receiving some widespread, soaking rains over the past month and a half, nearly all of East Texas is now drought-free.  The only area that still has a moderate drought in place is a small section of Sabine county, in and around Hemphill.

This is certainly some great news considering most of us were in a moderate to severe drought back in August.

Even though the drought conditions have left nearly all of the Piney Woods, we could still use more rain.  In fact, the Angelina County Airport, located just south of Lufkin, is still running a deficit of over six inches.  So despite the recent good news, we could still stand to see more rain in our area.

In looking at our StormTracker 9 forecast, there will be a few chances for rain in the next week.

Our first rain chance will be on Sunday as a weak disturbance will provide a few scattered rain showers.  None of this rain will be heavy or widespread in nature.

Our second and best chance for rain will arrive by the middle part of next week as a potent fall storm moves out of the Rockies and into the Plains.  There is a possibility that we could see a couple of inches of rain next Wednesday and Thursday as the storm system pulls into East Texas.  Some of the heavy rain could also be accompanied by a few strong to severe thunderstorms as well.

Please check back in with us in the days ahead as the forecast for Halloween may be more of a trick than a treat at this point.

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