Lufkin Facebook page for buying, selling taking off with big numbers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Buying and selling items online has become a big trend, and locally there is one king.

It's called Deep East Texas Classifieds, it started in Lufkin, and it has become more popular than craigslist and other similar sites in the area.

"Every night when I look at it, I have about 100 to 150 members waiting to join," page admin Matt Davis said.

Deep East Texas Classifieds started as a way for Davis to sell repaired smart phones. He had so much success it allowed him to start his own business, Screen Geeks.

"For some reason, craigslist has never taken off in this area like it has in other towns," Davis said.

Iram  Chacon bought a Cadillac on the site and hopes to restore it. He thinks he knows why it is so popular.

"People in Houston or 2 and 3 hours away call you and say they are going to come and they don't always do what they say because they are so far away," Chacon said. "Deep East Texas, being Deep East Texas and from here, you can be in about a 50 mile radius, so it is easy for people to post something and come look at it."

Chacon sold a pickup that was only on the page for five hours.

James Cole owns a business and says the exposure on the site helps.

"If [they don't buy] that particular item, they will just come by and see what else I have," Cole said.

The site has rules on what can and can't be sold, but even so, there have been some unusual items listed.

"We have had some really interesting taxidermy. We have had people on here trying to sale old cigarettes," Davis said.

"There's a lady that decorates cakes, and her cake looked like a litter box, so therefore, a lot of people thought it was real," Cole said.

"You'd be surprised," Chacon said. "You can see anything from a vehicle to a diaper. I mean I don't blame you. If you got it and it is worth something to you then it may be worth something to someone else."Davis said that he is currently looking for ways to have a physical flea market type of event to bring in all of the buyers and sellers to one location.

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