Nacogdoches hospital hears report from consulting group

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Determined to make things better,for the last three months, the staff at Nacogdoches memorial hospital has beenunder a consultation from an outside firm.

The hospital hoped thestudy could help the staff give better care to the patients moving forward.

Tuesday evening, CHCConsulting gave the hospital board the answers they were looking for.

"I think we were allpleased with what we heard as far as the assessment goes and getting to work onthe action plan," board member Lisa King said. "Staff members that I have spokenwith are very excited."

The study addressedconcerns such as no permanent leadership in place, and the turnover rate of physicians.

It also showed areas wherethe hospital was doing well in such as quality of care given towards thepatients.

CHC also offered insight.

It is believed thehospital can save a total cost of $7.3 million annually by restructuringcurrent habits.

With the current state of the economy and thechanging health care system, the board knows that saving cost is a priority.

"Any money we cansave on operations will allow us to continue capital equipment, raises to theemployees and improves physicians," Interim CEO Gary Kendrick said.

"With anything goingon in healthcare right now, everyone is having to learn how to operate underthe new guidelines that we are all dealing with and anything we can do to makeour operations more efficient for the medical staff, the patients and thegeneral people that work here is what we need to do," King said.

"Nothing in therewill reduce the quality or the safety for the patient, so it's all to make thehospital better for our patients," Kendrick said.

The next step is creating anaction plan and that should be ready by the end of November. The generalconsensus at tonight's board meeting is that cuts in staffing will not be an issue.

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