Lufkin woman found dead at her Houston home, authorities suspect foul play

Megan Hairston (Source: Facebook)
Megan Hairston (Source: Facebook)

HOUSTON, TX (KTRE) - A 25-year-old Lufkin woman was found dead in her Houston home Tuesday night, according to KTRK in Houston. Megan Hairston was last seen alive Saturday night.

Misty Pyle, a former co-worker of Hairston, says she was worried when she heard that people couldn't get in contact with Hairston. That's when she logged onto Facebook, and found out Hairston was dead.

"When someone's in a car wreck it's sad cause it's sudden and it just happened, but when you don't know exactly what happened it's really--it's very bothering," Pyle said. "I couldn't belive it was her. I still don't want to believe it. It can't--you don't want to believe that something like that could happen to someone you know."

Ashley Soukup, a close family friend of Hairston's, said the news was shocking.

"I didn't believe it at first. I was just like there's no way cause that doesn't happen to people that you associate with so I couldn't believe it and once I seen the news report than reality set in," Soukup said.

According to the story on the KTRK Website, Hairston was found dead at a home on Bridlington near South Post Oak last night. The story stated that although the cause of her death is still a mystery, police believe it may be related to several home invasions at that same home.

Hairston graduated from Lufkin High School in 2006.

"Police say there were signs of forced entry into the home where she lived with her 2-year-old child," the KTRK story stated. "The woman's body was discovered by the woman's mother, who arrived after she had not heard from her daughter. Police tell us Hairston's body was found unresponsive in her bedroom."

In the story, it said that Hairston filed two separate reports to police within the last week. Last Friday, she reported a home invasion. She told police that four unknown males took items from the house and then made her drive to several ATMs to withdraw money, the KTRK story stated.

Then on Saturday, Hairston filed another burglary report with the police. That time, her car was stolen, the KTRK story stated.

Sgt. Robert Torres with the Houston Police Department told KTRK that Hairston's death was a "continuation of that robbery carried over onto Saturday," which was also the last day that Hairston was seen alive.

"You know, some people say that 'why would you stay in a place that is not safe?' but I didn't think she would've stayed there if she knew somebody would hurt her cause she's a very good mother. You know, she wouldn't put her kids through that," Soukup said.

Hairston's two children are said to be okay, but Pyle say's she worries about them.

"I cried and the first thing I worried about was her kids because she was always talking about her kids. She loves her babies," Pyle said.

Family members and friends are working on setting up a fund for Hairston's funeral. Pyle says she isn't sure if Hairston had burial insurance.

Authorities have requested an autopsy be performed on Hairston, according to the KTRK story.

Anyone with any information regarding this case is urged to call the Houston Police Department's Homicide Division at (713) 308-3600.

Visit this link to read the KTRK story.

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