Etoile area takes the brunt of the storm's fury in Nacogdoches Co.

ETOILE, TX (KTRE) - The rain fell all Wednesday night and most of Thursday morning. When some East Texans woke up, they found flooded roadways and swollen creeks.

The worst of it in Nacogdoches County was in the Etoile area. Following torrential rains, a trickle of a creek turns into a rushing hazard.

It happened to creeks along FM 226 near Etoile.

Swollen creeks led to road closures, something residents along county road 560 have come to expect.

"It's like this all the time," said Rodney Holland, an Etoile resident. "They need to do something about it."

Holland stopped to tell East Texas News all about it Thursday.

"There have been times you've needed a boat to get through and sometimes you got to drive all the way around, but unfortunately there's a branch up there that does the same thing as well and it just rushes through the fields," Holland said. "This is actually nothing compared to what it normally is. It's usually 2-3 foot higher with white water rapids going across it which is more dangerous than actually the water."

The water seeps under the roadway, providing clues of future erosion.

By noon Thursday, on County Road 489, near the Shirley Creek Marina, creeks were within their banks. However, earlier Thursday, it was deep enough to flood out at least two cars.

Josh Jones had a unique way to avoid flooding out his car.

"We're going to turn around and go backwards through it so we don't get water in our intake," Jones said.

Safety advisors say going into a flooded roadway from any direction is a bad idea. Thursday, Jones wasn't worried. He backed into a situation that allowed him to be on his way.

Those looking out for the safety of area school children don't take such risks.

"Making sure that the road is passable for the busses, we can get the busses in and out without having to slide of in a ditch or anything," said Skipper Eberlan, the Etoile ISD transportation director.

Swollen creeks are respected by some, but as Holland told us, if you want to get home, you pick your poison and venture through.

And the City of Nacogdoches weathered the storm. A few limbs fell on power lines causing some spotty outages. Other than that the police department reported no problems at all.

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