Jasper County storm knocks house off of cinder blocks

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Jasper County residents told East Texas News that they believe a tornado touched down just south of Jasper city limits Thursday morning. No injuries were reported according to the Jasper County Sheriff's Office, but the area was under a tornado watch for most of the day. Traveling down 96 motorists saw a house that was moved off of its cinder blocks and several large 100 foot trees that broke in half.

"We kind of took shelter in-between the bathroom and the living room area," Nacoma Davis said. "The roof started coming up. You could just hear everything cracking and popping."

Nacoma Davis said when he woke up for work Thursday morning things seemed normal. But just before six a.m. Thursday the strong damaging winds touched down a few miles south of Jasper.

"Go back to bed. It's a dream," Davis said. "I woke back up and realized it wasn't a dream."

According to the storm prediction center there has been no confirmation of a tornado in Jasper County but the damage left behind on US Highway 96 made East Texans question that.

The strong winds moved Davis' neighbor's house that was sitting on cinder blocks. His neighbors own the house but currently live in Wyoming.

"It picked it up and sat it right down," Davis said. "I'm just glad it didn't hit the house. In fact it's two feet away from the corner of our house right now. It picked it up and moved it 35 feet."

Davis has lived in the area for the past seven years. Thursday's storm event damaged his shed and left the pieces behind in his yard and a few miles down the highway.

"It's a loss. Every bit of it is a loss," Davis said.

City of Jasper power and light crews worked throughout the day to fix power lines and move trees from roadways.

Davis said his power line was knocked down and he may be without power for the next few weeks. Electricity is the least of his worries. He's just thankful for one priceless thing.

"We're alive," Davis said.

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