Social media effort helps Groveton woman reunite with her missing dog

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - It was a mystery that took Facebook by storm, and folks as far away as Dallas and Houston helped an East Texas woman find her best friend.

Somehow, over a span of one week, Cooper, a pitbull, traveled more than 30 miles from Groveton to Lufkin, where he was then chained up and abandoned.

Cooper's owner used the clues she found on social media to bring her dog back home.

It's a picture that can make even the coldest of hearts melt. It shows Cooper kissing his owner Brandy Harrell for the first time since his disappearance.

"I opened the door and literally my knees gave," Harrell said. "They're scraped now, and I hit the ground, and he came out."

Last week, Cooper was sunbathing outside his Groveton home when he disappeared.

Frantic, Brandy took to Facebook, and that's when the search for Cooper took off.

Shannon McBreaty says she first found out about Cooper's disappearance on the social media Website and that's when she decided to help.

"I mean it spread like wildfire," McBreaty said. "I mean everybody was looking for this dog."

As it turns out, another picture was circulating on Facebook - one of a young boy walking Cooper in Apple Springs.

"He ended up from Groveton to Apple Springs at the store," Harrell said. "From there he was at Woodland Heights hospital and the boy was told he couldn't take the dog home; he then walked cooper over to the chevron and he tied him up and left him there."

It was at this Chevron station in Lufkin where Cooper was left, and as soon as Harrell got the lead, Cooper was gone.

"The thought of him being just abandoned and left like trash was the worst thing for us because you know, I can only imagine what he was thinking," Harrell said.

Harrell said she wasn't sure if she was ever going to see cooper again, but then she got a phone call from a Good Samaritan saying he had Cooper.

"I had hit my knees to say 'Hey, Cooper come here,' and he ran over to me and he literally jumped up," Harrell said.

Harrell said she is so thankful for all the people who dedicated time and energy, posting and re-posting the search for Cooper.

Harrell said the man who was taking care of Cooper was giving him table scraps for food, so Cooper has had a hard time adjusting back to dog food. However, she said she decided to give Cooper a treat last night - home-cooked chicken and eggs.

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