KTRE rolls out improvements to set, your screen

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - KTRE is excited to announce many new changes to its newscast, including a high-definition newscast.

"It's very exciting to move KTRE into the 21st century with new equipment," said station manager Starla Bickerstaff. "Our company has invested a lot of money into KTRE. They realize the investment is in our local community."

Crews have been working to build a new set from the ground up, to show you we're here to stay.

"It makes our local station which we're very proud of compare very favorably with all the other large national media stations, and it sort of makes us feel important," said viewer Kip Miller.

KTRE's first newscast aired in 1955.

Miller said he was a viewer before HD, before satellite, and even before the newscast was aired in color in the '50s.

"Our local station is very vital to our community because it provides our local merchants and our schools a place to tell what they're selling, their services, announcements," Miller said.

To continue to make all of this possible, studio control has been upgraded.

The weather center has added many new features including graphics and HD monitors.

"That's going to allow us to monitor the weather a little bit more closely and little bit more precisely," said Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek. "With a little bit bigger work space too that's going to make it nice in terms of being able to keep track of different things to have the space and resources to do so. So, from that standpoint I feel like we've taken a big step forward."

This new upgrade may just be one of Miller's favorites.

"I'm an avid weather fan and I just can't wait to see all the 3D dimensions that Brad Hlozek has to offer," Miller said.

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