City of Nacogdoches Deals With Flooding Rains

More flooding problems plagued East Texas Monday. This time the worst of it happened around the Nacogdoches area.

"We had quite a bit of localized flooding just in the street ways, we had some stalled cars, we had wind damage as far as tree limbs and large branches. We had to close a couple of roads. We had some flooding that required us to close them temporarily." Says Nacogdoches Deputy City Manager Victoria LaFollett.

Fortunately, the water has receded. Once impassible roads are now back to just about normal. All that's left are some dirty streets and signs put out by the city. Dealing with flooding isn't easy, but city leaders say they're prepared.

"The city's response was outstanding... Unfortunately it's something we're getting more adept at because we have so much weather related activities here in the Nacogdoches area. The city has a standard operating procedure that we put into play anytime we have this situation. The National Weather Service did issue a severe thunderstorm warning, and when they did so we immediately kicked in to our policy and procedures, and everything went, thank goodness, pretty smoothly." said LaFollett.

If you live in Nacogdoches and have any downed limbs or other vegetation on your property from the storm, place it curbside. The city will eventually get to it.