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Huntington students collecting pennies in hopes of improving community


East Texas students are hoping to make their community a better place; cent by cent.

Huntington Elementary students have begun a three week project collecting pennies and they say they have already learned, and earned a lot.

 "I have counted $100," student Andrew Riley said.

"I counted a hundred pennies," student Connor Murray said.

"I have counted around 200 to 300 pennies," student Destiny Snell said.

"I have counted around 200 or 300," student Alexa White said.

The project is called "Penny by Penny".

"We were trying to find a project for the kids to be involved in," teacher Nikki Butler said.

The school hopes to make a difference in their hometown, even if it starts with one penny.

"Penny by penny, it starts to build and they are really actually seeing what a difference what everybody bringing in five handful of pennies can make," said Butler.

The children are excited and even though they are competing against the other grades, they already have plans for the money.

"I'm hoping we give the elderly some food and water," said Murray.

"We can make the community prettier and better," said Snell.

"We are making our community better and cleaner," said White.

It is a three week project and teachers say they are amazed.

"Their hearts are big," Butler said.

It may just be a third grade project but the students know everyone can learn from their actions.

"They can learn that they can help clean their community," said Snell.

The school hopes they will raise between $300 and $500.

Not only are the students giving back, Huntington elementary, has a set up a donation spot at the front of their school for anyone to come by and drop off extra change.

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