C&R Kutt Bottle Project re-purposing and recycling discarded glass into art

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - You've heard the phrase before from trash to treasure but these Nacogdoches glass enthusiasts are taking recycling to the next level.

The C&R Kutt Bottle Project is re-purposing discarded glass into art all-the-while doing their part to keep the environment clean.

It all started at the kitchen table in 2008 after a meal with empty wine bottles.

"We basically just through we have got to find a way not to add all that to the landfill. It will not decompose in 10,000 years," said C&R co-founder, Joe Richardson. 

And thus the C&R Kutt Bottle Project was born.

"This whole project has evolved out of a sense of stewardship. A sense of sustainability, personal responsibility to our environment and to our world," said C&R co-founder, Steve Chism.

A dozen or so friends with creative minds get together once a week to re-purpose glass bottles.

"We busy ourselves changing bottles from trash into usable stuff. Usable art," said Richardson.

"We're taking what would have otherwise been trash and creating functional artwork," said Chism. "Our goal is to not only recycle but to build a passionate artistic caring community. We want to share this with as many people as we can."

But beyond changing glass bottles into candles, mosaic wall art, wind chimes, tea lights and much more the group is giving back.

"We are working for habitat building homes and our glass goes back and it's used for other purposes too," said Chism. "That gives us a really a higher purpose over and above recycling. We're helping people you know that we'll probably never meet build homes."

And they hope that others will also be inspired to make art and make a difference.

"The truth is a few people working steadily and patiently can make a huge difference," said Chism.

The C&R Kutt Bottle Project has already raised more than $15,000 selling their re-purposed glass at the Nacogdoches Farmer's Market and gave new life to more than 300 tons of glass.

You can help too by donating glass at the Nacogdoches Habitat Restore or brining much needed and appreciated manpower to the re-store every Thursday at 4:00 PM.


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