New business development boosting economic growth in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From highway construction to business expansion and the latest fast food chain, no matter where you turn change is on the horizon in the city of Lufkin.

"We can keep high school and college graduates here in Lufkin and they can be employed with good jobs and we can also create tourism to bring people into the community," said Bob Brown, Mayor, City of Lufkin.

Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown says over the past year and half the city has been planting seeds for new business and now they are seeing growth throughout the city.

Wednesday Mayor Brown explained a meat packing company is interested in setting up shop in the former Loggins building and once the deal is finalized it could mean more opportunities for job seekers.

"We'll start off with close to 100 jobs the first year, we'll go 150 the second and up to 200 the third year," said Brown.

Brown says the Project 800 power plant is now in permitting stages the 730 mega-watt plant will soon take up 80 acres at the Lufkin Business Park.

"The unemployment rate is slowly coming down it's just not coming down as fast as we would like it to so new businesses will definitely help that," said Marilyn Harsook, Executive Director, Work Force Solutions.

Another change residents may notice is that North Brentwood drive now connects to loop 287 making room for potential retail business.

"Panda Express is kind of on the corner there and this new street will create some retail and open up the things and make the sales tax in Lufkin a whole lot better," said Brown.

Frank Street will also be seeing some new additions, the Burke Center has already started work on their new facility.

And in two weeks the Alcohol and Drug abuse council will begin work a new building for treatment and counseling services.

"Our individuals who we serve are going to be better and are in recovery then they are more productive in our community," said Phyllis Grandgeorge, Executive Director, ADAC.

Brown says he hopes the combination of the downtown scene and economic industry will advance the growing city.

"Lufkin will just become a bustling place," said Brown.

The city isn't releasing the name of the meat packing company just yet.

Mayor Brown says that will be announced once financial details are finalized. He said that should be around December 16th.

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