East Texans waiting for holiday gas price swing

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You can almost compare the fluctuation in gas prices recently to a yo-yo. One second they're down. The next, they're up then down again!

The average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded statewide is $2.98. But just two weeks ago, we were seeing prices in East Texas as high as $3.19 a gallon. And the week before that it was below three dollars a gallon in East Texas.

But with all these ups and downs in gas prices, East Texans say they are just thankful they are down again.

"It's nice. They've gone down a little bit and it makes it a little bit easier. I drive a lot so that's a good thing," said John Little.

"I'm happy about the gas prices. They could be lower if they wanted to though," said Rachel Robbins.

East Texans are singing a little bit of praise for the new gas prices, which are now hovering at…

"Just under three dollars. I've noticed it was going down just about 2 weeks ago just when it started getting colder," said Nicholas White.

Brittany and Ambrosia Rush said they also noticed gas prices fluctuate recently.

"Now they are down to like $2.95, which I'm seeing maybe the medium, but I'm loving it because high prices? Yeah. And I'm trying to buy up gas as much as you can now," said Brittany Rush.

Most East Texans say they are loving the low gas prices but are expecting the annual holiday price hike and that holiday price hike is something most drivers are scared of.

"Gas prices fluctuate everyday just depending on the season…the travel season, temperature, it really goes off everything," White said.

"It's frustrating because all my family stays an hour away so if we want to go do Thanksgiving anywhere one of us has to travel more than an hour," said Maegan Applebon.

Most people say they will keep an eye on cheaper gas prices.

"If I see a low price and I'm like that's the lowest I've seen, it's probably best to get it now," said Rush.

"Every time I pass a gas station I always check cause if it's about $2.99, but now if I see it you know $2.95…$2.94 it's like ok I'm stopping to get gas now," White said.

But for others, it's not that big of a deal.

"I get gas at the same place that way I know what type of gas. I never have problems with getting bad gas or anything," said Arthur Parker.

"I put it in my car and go. I don't really pay that much attention because I got to have it," said Robbins.

And that's the bottom line.

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