Comedian returns to Lufkin for Southern Cross performance

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Stand-up comedian Timothy Banfield has made his way back tothe Pineywoods after launching his comedy career in Austin six years ago.

"I love doing Christopher Walken it's just so much fun becausehe gets to be crazy," said Bandfield.

This weekend he will take the stage at Southern Cross butbefore he was headlining events he was working at the Lufkin mall Chick-fil-a,a job that he says help start his career.

"People that I workwith that throughout I was funny they liked my impressions and stuff and they werelike you should go do this," said Banfield.

Banfield says he makes appearances a local comedy clubs andoften performs with other comedians.

And when he's not doing stand-up he does voiceover work,recently he recorded a daffy duck impression for college humor's website.

"I filed multiple grievanceswith the players association regarding my injuries, that's what they had me do…my laptop was just covered in spit," said Banfield.

But Banfield says his big break came two years ago when hehad the opportunity to appear on the tonight show.

"I was like yes,"said Banfield.

And while on the show he got toshowcase the best of his impressions.

"That's why I was on the tonight show to make fun of Jay Lenoand William Shatner to the face and I had no problem doing it," said Banfield.

Friday Banfield will take the stage at theexpo center and he says performing back in East Texas is the opportunity he'sbeen waiting for.

"I moved to Austin toimprove my comedy and so now I get to come back and do the venues that I wantedto do," said Banfield.

Before the Southern Cross festival, Banfield will beperforming at Southside Baptist Church at 2:00 p.m.

The festival starts Friday at the Expo Center. Doors open at6:00 p.m. and Banfield will take the stage at 7:00 p.m.

SouthernCross will continue Saturday and Sunday doors open at noon both days.

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