Lufkin woman reveals unique gardening secrets just in time for winter

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman has a unique way to protect her plants. For years, Carol Chavant has been buying yards of bubble wrap, which she uses to wrap her plants. She says it's the best way to keep the winter chill away from the tender leaves.

"You know, you can never feel sad when you are in nature. No matter whatever does happen in your life. If you're busy outside, you feel good," Chavant said.

Chavant says she has spent her entire life inside a garden, and has found bubble wrap is the best way to protect her plants.

"I love my plants. They are like my pets. So, if there is going to be a freeze that is going to be more than one or two days...get out the sheets. They go off the beds and cover things that are delicate," Chavant said.

Chavant says it is a big no-no to ever use plastic to wrap plants because it will just make the plants die faster. Covering them with a sheet, and then bubble wrap is the best way to keep wind, rain and frost from penetrating the plant underneath, she says.

The biggest misconception the master gardener adds is that winter is a bad season to garden.

"This is when you plant! October, November, December...put in trees, put in bushes, prepare your soil correctly. Get them in, don't plant them too deep, water them good and they will be wonderful because roots grow in the winter," Chavant said.

One of the reasons, she says, she has never lost a plant to a winter chill.

The Texas A&M AgriLife center has a lot of good tips on checking your soil for the winter, and protecting plants, Chavant said.

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