11/7/13 Angelina Co. Restaurant Report

Las Delicias, 1300 N. Raguet St.: 24 demerits for hot hold, paint bare wood in kitchen, remove household equipment, handsink must be accessible, use proper procedure for manual warewashing, repair leak at cooler, all coolers/freezers must have thermometers, remove wooden rolling pin, do not use towel for food wrap.

Taqueria Leon Mobile/Commissary: 16 demerits for cold hold, hot hold, do not store toxics by SSI, faucet must reach all three compartments.

Donut Palace, 580 Hwy. 69S Huntington: 11 demerits for remove pillow and children's clothes and toys, clean under equipment, clean bottom shelf of cooler in back, food must be covered and protected, do not store dough in non-food grade bags, food grade containers required.

Dee Dee Donuts, 300 E. Main St. Zavalla: Seven demerits for baseboards needed in kitchen, clean venthood filter, food grade containers required.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Bakery/Deli, 104 Main St. Huntington: Four demerits for clean under equipment and floors in freezer, replace ceiling tile in deli.

Red Lobster, 1919 S. First St.: Four demerits for clean under equipment under bar, clean under shelves in dry storage and walk-in freezer, repair broken files by walk-in cooler.

Lakeview Grocery and Grill, 5896 St. Hwy 147 Zavalla: Four demerits for remove expired food, label date all food in cooker.

Subway, 4609 Hwy 103 E: No demerits.

Mar Teres Tea Room, 3157 Ted Trout Drive: No demerits.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Grocery/Produce, 104 Main St. Huntington: No demerits.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Meat Market, 104 Main St. Huntington: No demerits.

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