Nacogdoches high school sweethearts adopt the family that was always meant to be

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Two East Texas high school sweethearts tried for years to start a family on their own but determined to have the family they always wanted they adopted the children that were meant to be.

Thursday was National Adoption Day in Nacogdoches County and Tuesday, November 12 is National Adoption Day in Angelina County.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to start a family of their own Jessica and Chad Henderson looked to adoption.

And with more than 6,511 children in the State of Texas in foster care waiting to be adopted Lexie and Lacie were the perfect fit.

"They may have not grew under my heart but they grew in my heart," said Jessica Henderson.

Just 8 months after completing their child protective service training program for foster and adoptive parents, the phone rang for the first time.

"We got Lexie and Lacie we were very blessed to get the phone call and within less than 48 hours they were at our house," said Henderson. "It happened so fast and it was like door after door just kept opening and we just knew that it was meant to be. It may not have been the natural way to have a family on our own but god saw fit for us to have a family in another way."

Five years later the Henderson's phone rang again….

"We got a phone call that there was a sibling to Lexie and Lacie about to be born. We didn't know what it was. We had nothing prepared but Chad and I prayed about it and just knew that it was the right thing to do," said Henderson. "They called and said it's a boy. We both looked at each other and said I guess we're doing this"

And just like that the family of 4 became 5 with baby Lane.

"We feel that our family is complete," said Henderson.

The parents say they talk with their 3 kids about how they came to be a family and answer questions.

"We talk about it all the time that they didn't grown in my tummy but they each grew in the same tummy of somebody else and we're very blessed for that and because of that person we are parents," said Henderson.

And as far as advice these three time adopters and instant parents have for others struggling to start a family or looking to adopt.

"Just to know that there are children out there that need homes that need parents to love them just as if they were their own because Chad and I love each of these 3 just as if they did grow in my own tummy," said Henderson.

The Henderson's say they could not have done it without the support and help from their family and friends.

Baby Lane will officially be a Henderson next Tuesday when his family finalized his adoption and receives his birth certificate at the Angelina County Court House for National Adoption Day in Angelina County at 9:00 AM.

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