East Texans rally to bring home Church of Wells member

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - On a rainy Saturday morning friends and family gathered atWells high school in support of the Grove family, they haven't seen theirdaughter since August 19th.

"It's not about religion it's about letting a family seetheir daughter," said Tommy Durham, Wells Resident.

Andy and Patty Grove say their 26-year-old daughter CatherineGrove has been living with members of the Church of Wells for the past four months.

"You should be free Catherineand we want to see you," said Patty Grove, Catherine's Mother.

The Grove's say they have made numerous failed attempts tofind and contact her and they believe the group is neither a church nor a cult.

"This is a criminalorganization posing as a religious organization to hide their criminalactivity, we alleged that they are benefiting from forced labor and property ofthe victims they target," said Andy Grove.

For the Grove's, Saturday was about family, unity andfinding hope while searching for their lost daughter.

Family friend Stacy Witt drove from McKinney to offer hersupport and she says families stick together no matter what.

"As parents and asmothers you fight your entire like for your children no matter what their ageand you should never ever stop fighting for your children," said Witt.

Their friends say all the Grove's want is to hear theirdaughter's voice and know she's ok.

"That's all they wantis to hear from here without any interaction with anybody from the church, fromherself out of her own free will that she wants to stay here," said Durham.

But until then, the Grove's don't plan on giving up anytimesoon and say they'll do everything they can to bring their daughter home.

"We may never see youagain Catherine and I don't know what I'll do if I don't ever see you again,"said Patty Grove.

In a previous report, the church elderssaid Catherine traveled to their church by her own free will.  They also noted her decision to have her soulsaved was one made on her own free will.

The Groves are from Arkansas but saythey have been living in Wells for the past few months trying to find theirdaughter.

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