Lufkin hospital sees 3 sets of twins born in 1 weekend

Brann family
Brann family
Chapa family
Chapa family
Dwire family
Dwire family

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's rare enough to have twins and so to have three different families deliver three sets of twins within a 48 hour window is unheard of but that's exactly what happened this weekend.

The families are now linked together by their six newborns.

"This is Miss Madison over here and this is Miss Addison," said new mom, Alisha Dwire.

Dwire and her husband kicked off the twins trend weekend at Woodland Heights Medical Center delivering fraternal twin girls Friday, November 8, 2013.

"It's crazy. I definitely wasn't expecting them this early," said Dwire.

Madison and Addison are the Dwire's first children and they say they're ready to begin the adventure.

"I'm ready for all of us to get healthy and just bring them home and get these new experiences started," said Dwire.

And just a few doors down and a few hours later, the Chapa's welcomed child number 4 and 5. Identical twin boys.

"This is Julian and this is Nicholas," said mom of 5, Lara Chapa.

"I was shocked at first," said Chapa. "I have twin brothers so it was kind of expected so we were shocked but we're excited now."

Down yet another few doors, April Brann also delivered her 4th and 5th children, fraternal boys.

"David and Isaac," said Brann.

Bran says there was both excitement and shock when she learned she was having twins.

"I was really kind of in shock. I was preparing for 1 more. I wasn't for 2," said Brann.

The mom's couldn't believe there were twins times three in the hospital.

"I heard there was all these other sets of twins born, I'm like oh all at one time you know how does that happen," said Brann.

"Oh my gosh chaos everywhere I'm sure," said Chapa.

"All the women just a few doors down were having twins I said oh how often does that happen," said Dwire.

The mom's of multiples already have plans on how the hope to tell their twins apart.

"It's still kind of hard because we're looking at their bracelets to see who's who," said Chapa. We're like okay what number are you holding. It's hard. It's hard."

"I'm going to have to tattoo an a and m on their foot or something. She's looking at me like no mommy don't," said Dwire. "I think it will be challenging at first but I think the mother will always know."

"They'll each have their own color bracelet and we'll be able to somewhat tell them apart," said Brann.

To add even more to this happy coincidence, all three Lufkin mom's delivered early so it must have been meant to be

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